Our brands

ZM Nowak is the synonym of passion supported by lovingly created product recipes, with strong flavour and truly home-made character. The Nowak meats and cured meats are the combination of years of experience, tradition and love of delicious food – as in a classic, old Polish recipe. These are products for anyone and for any occasion, in which quality means as much as taste.

This is a range of three strong brands, where each of them brings specific values. Meet Nowak, with whom you will easily become friends on a daily basis, the Kaszuby Smokehouse, which will surprise you with intense taste and flavour, and the Bio line – when special nutritional needs are important. All you like within the reach of your hand – discover the ZM Nowak brands and enjoy taste every day.


The group of products signed by the Nowak brand is an extensive selection of cured meats and meats which tastes perfectly every day and on special occasions. The extensive range of products is created mainly by the highest-quality smoked ham, shoulder, pork loin and pork neck, traditional sausages, valued on Polish tables for the ideal combination of the taste of meat and spices, delicate and juicy frankfurters made with high-quality pork, and cold meats: sandwich and offal luncheon meats without which the daily diet would lack taste. Each of them prepared according to the refined process and classic recipe, where the guarantee of quality are raw materials exclusively from Polish farmers and international production standards.


From the very heart of Kaszuby, where the purity of nature meets the cult of tradition, we create cured meats signed with the “From the Kaszuby Smokehouse” mark. The secret of their unique taste has been hidden in the local recipe which has not changed for generations, the most noble pieces of meat, intense marinade in which they mature for a sufficiently long period, and herb coating which is emphasised by the strong aroma of natural wood smoke. The amateurs of cured meats with a unique taste, exceptional tenderness and intense character will find the pearls of old Polish meat curing art in this series.


ZM Nowak has also prepared an offer for those who live fast and do not have time for long cooking.Cooked meat was prepared by the original, tried recipes.

Their greatest advantage is the speed and ease of preparation. Just a few minutes to prepare the dish and after adding potatoes, rice or bread, is a full meal. The speed of preparation goes hand in hand with health.